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"...there was something magical..."

"During covid, my mind has become flooded with so many thoughts and questions, and at the suggestion of some friends and mental healthcare professionals, I decided to give journaling a try, and I'm glad I did. Alina, our leader, and owner of Zenit, had a very sweet and soothing voice as she explained each prompt to us. Each prompt was followed by a few minutes of calming music while each of us wrote in our journals. Mind you, I much prefer to type into a notepad or word document, but there was something magical about putting pen to paper...that allowed my thoughts and feelings to come out more powerfully. It goes without saying, i learned a lot from this class and I've actually started journaling on a semi regular basis, voluntarily!"

"...prompts that made me really want to dig deep..."

"I used to journal a lot a few years ago and have gotten so busy over the years, that it drifted out of my life. Thanks to Alina, I was able to get the pen to paper and explore myself through some thought provoking journal prompts. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed journaling. I didn't realize that I'd missed it and it really provided benefits to me, even now being older and in a different place in my life. Alina provided us with prompts that made me really want to dig deep. I could have written so much more if time allowed. We also had the chance to reflect with one another in break out rooms that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did. Talking to strangers about your thoughts can be scary and it was actually really nice."

"...much needed journaling and self-care..."

"I loved this event! Thank you, Alina, founder of Zenit Journals...for this much needed journaling and self care session. I appreciated when Alina talked about self care and wellness being a right. She has a daily journaling ritual and I am inspired to start doing the same. I enjoy journaling and I find prompts are really helpful. I love that Zenit journals come with prompts to help get the creative juices flowing. The questions are really thought provoking and it was therapeutic to write from my gut."