Retreat Contents

You are worthy of love no matter where you are in your journey. When we always feel like we're chasing the finish line, we can feel like we're never enough. But, you are enough. This retreat guides you in reflections to help you embrace your journey - no matter where you are in it. Upon purchase, you have unlimited access to this retreat, so you can take your time with it, and come back to it anytime.

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    Preview & Intro

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    Feel it, Write it, Zenit. Journal Activities

    • Journal Activity 1: What Is Your Journey?

    • Journal Activity 2: Remembering Your Why

    • Journal Activity 3: Embracing Where You Are Now

    • Journal Activity 4: Embracing Failure Along the Way

    • Journal Activity 5: Letting Go of Worry, Embracing Self-Trust

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    Closing Affirmations

    • Recap & Closing Affirmations