Retreat Contents

In this fast-pace world, it can become a habit to push aside our feelings. Some feelings are hard to confront. But feeling our feelings - from our pain to our joy - is part of being a whole, healthy human being. This retreat guides you in a process of looking inward, acknowledging your feelings, and feeling your feelings. You get unlimited access to this retreat upon purchase, so you can go through this retreat in bite-size chunks. Take your time, move at your own pace.

  • 1

    The Importance of Feeling Our Feelings

    • The Benefits of Feeling our Feelings

    • How Feeling our Feelings Helps Us Heal

    • Basics of Journaling in 60 Seconds

  • 2

    Journaling to Feel Our Feelings

  • 3

    Learning to Embrace Our Feelings

    • Journaling Exercise 3 - Overcoming What Holds Us Back

    • Journaling Exercise 4 - Self-Care Planning

    • Coming Back to Love & Closing Affirmation