Journal for Ease: Retreat Contents

It can be so hard to have ease, especially in our daily lives. Time, multi-tasking, constantly giving of yourself and your energy. It adds up. Not only that, but we can feel like we're not allowed to have ease, or we're not worthy of it. But, you are worthy. You are worthy of ease, of rest, of love. In this retreat, I'll guide you journaling to uncover your barriers to ease, release them, and embrace ease. Because we all deserve more ease.

  • 1

    Intro & Journaling Basic

  • 2

    Journal to Envision Ease

    • Guided Meditation to Get in Touch with Your Energy

    • Let's Journal to Envision Ease in Your Life

  • 3

    Journal to Uncover Barriers to Ease

    • About "Internalized Beliefs" as Barriers to Ease

    • Let's Journal to Uncover Your Barriers to Ease

    • Let's Journal to Move Away from "I'm Not Enough" to "I'm Enough"

  • 4

    Journal to Embrace Ease

    • Let's Journal to Claim and Embrace Ease in Your Daily Life

    • Let's Journal to Remember, You Are Worthy

    • Affirmations Meditation & Close