Retreat Contents

Breathe... look inward. How's your energy, really? Are you burnt out, or close to it? We can get used to running on fumes. But, you deserve to honor your energy. In this retreat, we talk about burnout. We provide guided journaling to check in with your energy, understand what drains vs. restores your energy, and explore how you can preserve your energy in your daily life. Upon purchase, you have unlimited access to this retreat, so you can take your time with it, and come back to it anytime.

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    Understanding Burnout & Energy

    • What is Burnout?

    • Common Drains on Our Energy

    • Common Ways We Give Our Energy

    • Common Ways We Restore Our Energy

  • 3

    Journaling for Our Energy

    • Mindful Breathing

    • Journal Activity 1: How's Your Energy?

    • Journal Activity 2: From Force to Flow

    • Journal Activity 3: Creating Your Magic

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    • Closing Thoughts & Affirmations